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THE MUSK, A SEAL OF IDEOLOGICAL IDEOLOGYMusk Extreme by Alyssa Ashley is an unisex 'Eau de Parfum' in the floral oriental family. This is a new edition of the classic Musk, which, on the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the company wanted to reissue as a gift to all its fans. This is a more intense and seductive version, which has a greater hold on the skin and still keeps the essence of its predecessor alive.This fragrance was launched on the market in 2009, with the aim of reaching the faithful followers of the original perfume, an aroma that revolutionised the 1960s, marking a new casual style in the world of perfumery. This new edition features a high concentration of Musk, giving it a higher level of sophistication and sensuality, a different, captivating and exclusive aroma for him and her.Its stele, one of the most durable on the market, begins with the citrus and neutral freshness of bergamot, full of energy and strength, which leads us to a floral heart, created by rose, carnation and jasmine, flowers with personality, creating a velvety veil on which to rest its bottom, a concentration of intensity and warmth, consisting of amber, creamy vanilla, lily root, coumarin and the protagonist, musk.THE MUSK. This is one of the substances most present in the world of perfumery, thanks to its aromatic power (many relate it to the smell of clean, and also of great sexual attraction) and the intense fixation it gives to the fragrances that contain it. This time Musk Extreme has a high concentration of this ingredient, giving it infinite durability.A CLASSIC IN PERFUMERY. Musk, a long-lasting and successful fragrance, stands behind you for more than half a century. A fragrance that knows nothing about fashion and has managed to win the loyalty of a large entourage of fans.GIFT IDEA. Thanks to its pleasant notes and seductive power, this fragrance becomes a perfect gift idea to surprise men and women.


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